Industry 4.0

Limelight IT provides complete solution for bringing your industry into fourth industrial Revolution.

The concept of industry 4.0 refers to the so-called fourth industrial revolution. This involves the digital transformation of the industry with the integration and digitalization of all the industrial processes that make up the value chain, characterized by its adaptability, flexibility and efficiency that allows to cover customer’s needs in the current market.

Benefits you get After implementing our industry 4.0 Solution….

  • Real-Time Production Monitoring.
  • Complete Information of all the main assets on our smartly designed dashboard.
  • One click production report and OEE report generation facility.
  • Time to Time important alerts for efficiently managing the factory.


Explore Our Industry 4.0 Modules

  • Digital Twin

  • Condition Monitoring

  • Inventory Monitoring

  • Complete Digitization

What is Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a digital replica of a living or non-living physical entity. Where digital setup continuously communicates with physical setup and time to time updates digital data. it can give up to 20% better overall outcomes as compared to normal industries working structure.

Features of Digital Twin:

  • Provides On time, Standby time and performance of each machine.
  • Energy Usage of each machine per part and overall factory Energy usage in detail.
  • Operator, other staff attendance and performance Monitoring.
  • One Click OEE Report and Production Report Generation, Complete Paperless Operation.
  • Provides details of best performing assets

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Condition Monitoring

In industry scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance is widely used. However, because the maintenance team lacks exact machine statistics in this scenario, maintenance does not occur at the required time, but rather much later or earlier, resulting in an indirect increase in maintenance cost.

Our Solution Provides following features to resolve the issues:

  • AI Powered Dashboard, which provides Predictive Maintenance Alerts.
  • Individual Machine Statistics is provided for Complete analysis.
  • Machine Performance Characteristics is provided for Maintenance Estimation.

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Inventory Monitoring

Accurately managing inventory from raw material entering the industry to product dispatching from the industry, as well as determining the cause of any delays, is a very inconvenient task for any industry. We also have a designed the solution for inventory monitoring which provides detailed statistics.

Our Solution Provides following features:

  • Real time data which provides information of physical quantity and its current location inside the factory.
  • Dashboard provides information of the present availability of the material inside factory.
  • Dashboard provides information indicating, which type of material is loaded or unloaded in which particular production Machine.

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Complete Digitization

Complete factory digitisation covers all the industry aspects which consists of Man, Material and Machine. This complete solution provides you detailed information using all the three discussed modules that are Digital twin, Condition Monitoring and Inventory.

Let us summarize all the features in short:

  • AI based predictive maintenance
  • Inventory Monitoring in more easy and convenient manner
  • Digital Twin, which connects the digital world with physical entity. To extract detailed data for analysis.

After implementing all these features your industry will no longer be a normal industry, the industry will enter into the 4th industrial revolution where industry has detailed data to grow rapidly by doing proper analysis and taking time to time action-based analysis.

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How it Works

How Does the Limelight IT Team Work?


UnderStanding the needs of Industry.

We study the problem statement of our clients to have a clear understanding of their requirements and what would be the most appropriate solution.

Pilot Phase

Our solution is a Plug and Play IOT Gateway. Gateways collects all the data from the transmitter through highly encrypted wireless communication between transmitter and gateway. It’s compatible and simple to configure. It also comes with a tailor-made dashboard, completely customizable as per the need and requirements.

Data integration:

Data integration is done to create a smooth data flow between the dashboard and Limelight Gateway.

Complete Solution Implementation:

After a successful trial run, our IOT devices are installed along with other peripherals. A tailor-made dashboard is designed as per the requirements and our services are made live.

Client Experience:

Our client can now enjoy the convenience and advantage of real-time data and control with a click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Training & Support:

Our team of experts provides exceptional support so that your staff understands how to use the hardware, navigate the portal, troubleshoot and more.Our team is available 24×7 for assistance.


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