Our HealthCare Solution Consists of following listed features.

  • Monitors symptoms of employees, staff, and visitors.
  • Contactless entry & automated attendance and visitor management system.
  • Automated data management system for error-free data.
  • Micro-Location system for employee’s movement.

How it Works

How Does the Limelight IT Team Work?


UnderStanding the needs of Industry.

We study the problem statement of our clients to have a clear understanding of their requirements and what would be the most appropriate solution.

Pilot Phase

Our solution is a Plug and Play IOT Gateway. Gateways collects all the data from the transmitter through highly encrypted wireless communication between transmitter and gateway. It’s compatible and simple to configure. It also comes with a tailor-made dashboard, completely customizable as per the need and requirements.

Data integration:

Data integration is done to create a smooth data flow between the dashboard and Limelight Gateway.

Complete Solution Implementation:

After a successful trial run, our IOT devices are installed along with other peripherals. A tailor-made dashboard is designed as per the requirements and our services are made live.

Client Experience:

Our client can now enjoy the convenience and advantage of real-time data and control with a click of a button from anywhere in the world.

Training & Support:

Our team of experts provides exceptional support so that your staff understands how to use the hardware, navigate the portal, troubleshoot and more.Our team is available 24×7 for assistance.