Dawning The Age Of Industry 4.0

Enhancing overall efficiency by bringing your growth catalysts into the Limelight with LimelightIT.


Any Sufficiently Advanced
Technology Is Indistinguishable From Magic


Our proprietary modular hardware which is developed completely in house gives use the ability to rapidly customise according to the customers requirements.


The intuitive software gives our customers the ability to view their asset status in real time through advanced visualisations and analytics..

Hybrid AI

Cutting edge hybrid solution architecture deploys AI through edge and cloud based computing to make the magic happen.

About Us

The vision is to enable IOT and digitisation across various sectors globally.

LimelightIT is a deep tech company providing digitisation solutions incorporating technologies like edge computing, cloud computing, AI and IOT. We have served illustrious clients and have gained hands-on experience and understanding of the IOT and manufacturing sectors.

With our combined background of deep tech and on field problems, we have been able to overcome the following hurdles in deployment and adoption of IOT based solutions -

  • Need for customisations
  • Poor battery life and overall reliability
  • High cost of deployment and implementation

So, through deep tech research and development, we created an in-house IoT network that not only addresses the three major issues, but also includes features such as modularity, customizability and scalability with industry-grade encryptions.

About Us

Our Purpose Is To Deliver Excellence
In Service And Execution

We provide end to end solutions for the following sectors

Industry 4.0

Our industrial solutions enhance the overall efficiency of the manufacturing facility through the digital transformation of all the related assets—man, machine, and material.

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Our healthcare solutions greatly reduce response time and accuracy of diagnosis using smart wearables and devices to enable real-time health monitoring of patients.

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Our Education solutions enhance the safety and management abilities of authorities by providing students and staff with smart ID cards.

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Other Monitoring solutions

Using our basic technology stack, we offer a series of general purpose solutions which include monitoring of liquid flow, power, environmental conditions or any specific parameter.

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