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Real-time data is turned into actionable insight for smarter decisions in energy and environment monitoring, Asset and personal tracking, with Convenient access control.

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Smart Card

The custom designed premium smart card leaves an easy to use experience like no other

Intelligent Reader

The elegantly designed hexa reader comes in a rustic wooden finish which acts as a smart IOT gateway in the truest sense.

Ai Powered Software

Intelligent Dashboard The software dashboard promises to make decision making more effective with the help of state of the art technologies.

How It Works

The product is a dual frequency wireless solution which offers various features i.e. energy conservation, people/asset Counting and micro location Services, access control/security and ambient conditions monitoring.

Take a Look Around our App

Our 3 part solution consists of the ID tag, the reader or the gateway and the server. You carry around your smart ID tag which communicates with the reader. The reader sends info through wifi to the server about presence of the smart tags near various readers. The server collates all the data and stores it and syncs with the cloud once internet becomes available. The dashboard diplays the data as analytics through which actionable intelligence is formed and smarter decisions are made.

Also, the energy conservation module intelligently decides whether the AC, lights, appliances etc need to be turned on based on occupancy, temperature difference in and out, humidity, etc. Thus saving energy and bringing alive true intelligent home automation.

Awesome Hardware

Our custom designed solution is built to offer reliability and its modularity caters to every need of the customer.


RF2.4Ghz, RF433Mhz, WiFi, Cellular, BLE(Optional)


Crowd Management, Energy Monitoring & Utilization, DeskUtilization, Heatmapping, Automation & Control

On-Board Sensors

RFID, Power, Motion, Optical, Temperature, Ambient-light

Power & Mounting

DC/AC (with adapter cable), Battery(Optional) Wall-Mounting , Ceiling Mounting


Manage Work space

With the help of the tag, the location of any personnel relative to the reader can be read with customizable accuracy.

AI Powered Software

Our dashboard is designed to offer insights from the data received, insights on the location of each personnel/asset, energy conserved, control of switches, etc.

Power usage optimization

With the location of the personnel, our smart system uses AI and analytics to reduce or shut energy consumed in a room by electrical appliances

Empowers Team

Ensure teams never waste time looking for an empty conference room again. Drive collaboration, productivity and satisfaction for your entire company


In our easy to use system, there is no need to stop to scan your tag or your biometrics, you approach the gate and it opens. Its as simple as that.

Digital Logbook

Know who is in your facility, manage their level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives.

Active smart Card


Hexa reader


Energy Monitored (Kw h)


Energy Saved (Kw h)



Our cutting edge software adds true meaning to data to turn it into actual usable information and actionable insights so that our users can make informed decisions.


We’re a young and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow.

Anupam Jalote

Anupam Jalote

CEO iCreate

Having worked in the electronics retail industry for years now, I've seen scores of Smart devices come and go. Until now, nobody quite got it right.

Ashish kannaujia

Ashish kannaujia

Have followed their development since its very inception, what they have created does have the technological and business potential to disrupt the market.


Here are some of our FAQs, if they don't answer your question feel free to get in touch with us.

No, limelight as a solution offers modularity to as many users as needed and as many features as needed. We can provide a solution even for 5 users and only micro location services. Our solution completely depends on the need of the customer.

Limelight as a solution irrelevant of the size is at much lower cost than the rest of the solutions due to complete in-house designing and modularity. Go ahead ask us for a quote.

Yes, absolutely. Limelight is a very serious security solution which has an inbuilt digital access control module which prevents unauthorized entry in restricted or sensitive areas. The solution is again user customized where alerts can be raised when every time a user enters a certain area.

Yes - fill out a contact form & our business development team will be in touch


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