Design that Inspired by nature

Everyone needs inspiration in their work. The designer takes it from nature. Every greatest design is inspired by nature. Ferrari: frog, Bullet train: the peak of bird, limelight’s Reader: Honeycomb. Nature has a pleasing color to be implemented on the product with a prescribed color combination. All we have to do is to observe. Observe the daily routine of a person to define problem and design solution to ease lifestyle. Morning run in open nature is good for health, still, you use the treadmills to ease lifestyle. It helps to you fulfilling your desire to run more by reducing the force required to push the surface backward. In reality, you will fail to cover the equal distance on the ground as compared on the treadmill. So product should be that which matches with the real world and won’t disappoint in real conditions.

Technology plays a crucial role in the well-accepted product. Only good design won’t work if it is not coupled with technology. No one wants dummy iPhone to use and working PCB to carry in the pocket. Build quality should match the functionality of the design.

All things of the good product I have mentioned above are present in the solution provided by the Limelight InfoTech.

It is inspired by nature.


Product Designer